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1989. Aurangabad (India), Post Conference Tour of the Second International Safflower Conference.
To six the prof. Paul Knowles (Univ. Davis California)
I Introduce myself

Agronomist, animal husbandry, former member of the A.S.P.A., S.I.S.Vet and A.R.N.A. Lecturer at the Aldo Moro University of Bari in Animal Science and Technology (07/G1); since 1981 he has carried out, uninterruptedly with his own assignment, frontal teaching activities in the Agr18 and Agr 19 sectors both at the Agrarian poles and in that of Veterinary Medicine. In 2009 he published the 15th volume of the editorial series of the Center for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture "Basile Caramia" of Locorotondo entitled The Local Animal Productions. In 2011 and 2012 he collaborated with the Italian Society Animal Reproduction for the organization in Tirana respectively of the 10th Congress of SIRA, 1st Balkan Conference or Biology of Reproduction in Farm Animals and in Aquaculture and in Ustica of the 11th Congress of SIRA. In quiescence since December 2015.
Currently his commitments are divided between the professional activity of the sons, both engineers, and the computer with the creation and management of websites and web portals.
Scientific Activity

The scientific activity is testified by 115 publications published in sector magazines and scientific congresses in Italy and abroad. In 1990, as part of the XXV International Symposium of Zootechnics held in Milan New Frontiers of the Physiology of Nutrition of Ruminants, he was awarded the Telesforo Bonadonna prize for presenting the most original work.

Research Performed
in collaboration with colleagues: Ada Braghieri, Domenico Bruno, Guido Bufano, Prospero Cagnetta, Annamaria Caputi Jambrenghi, Donato Casamassima, Raffaele Celi, Gerardo Centoducati, Pasquale Centoducati, Beniamino Ciruzzi, Maria Antonietta Colonna, Antonio Corleto, Raffaella Gallo, Francesco Giannico, Angela Dambrosio, Cataldo Dario, Donato De Giorgio, Nicol├▓ De Vito, Aldo di Summa, Francesco D'Onghia, Michele Faccia, Gabriele Vincenzo Gnoni, Vito Laudadio, Antonia Lestingi, Vito Antonio Liuzzi, Ioanna F, Angelo Manchisi, Giovanni Martemucci, Giuseppe Mastrangelo, Giuseppe Marsico, Liborio Melodia, Orlando Montemurro, Francesco Nicastro, Roberta Pavone, Carlo Papaleo, Marco Ragni, Antonella Pesce Delfino, Francesco Rifino, Vincenzo Rizzo, Maria Santacroce, Mallik A-AS Saqui, Martino Schiavone, Maria Selvaggi, Simona Tarricone, Alessandra Tateo, Vincenzo Tufarelli, Arcangelo Vicenti, Gino Vonghia, Lelio Zezza
Work more Downloaded
98) PINTO F (2009) - Un eccezionale patrimonio del territorio: "Rivalutazione dell'asino di Martina Franca attraverso l'innovativa produzione di latte". Riflessioni Umanesimo della Pietra, numero unico, luglio 2009, 167-175, Tip. Artebaria Edizioni s.r.l. Martina Franca, (Italy).
Some of the scientific journals on which I have published
University Career

The scientific activity is at the base of the university career, the educational one much less! This was the rule that prevailed as long as I did my job as a university professor. Over time the rules of the competitions have changed. Until the end of the last century, the Schools and Masters now counted, rightly, the parameters are to make the evaluations of university careers more objective by making use of the contribution of new technologies, such as the impact factor (IF), and the publication of the works. on expensive scientific publications.

The CRUI, for some time, with various initiatives, is pushing for the academic world to exploit the innovative channels of scientific digital publishing on line at sustainable costs inspired by the principles of Open Access.

Let's see together how this last aspect can be put into practice at a ridiculous cost. An emblematic example, in the zootechnical field, is the case of the Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Open Journal of Animal Sciences.
Continuing Education
Has collaborated for several years with the Center of Experimentation in Agriculture Basile Caramia of Locorotondo and the Professional Institute of State for Hotel and Catering Services of Castellana Grotte in the training of new professional figures

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Post Conference Tour 1992
Second trip to India in the company of Giuseppe Annese and colleagues of the then Department of Animal Production of the University of Bari at the V International Conference on Goats in New Delhi.
Published by Amministrator, F.sco Pinto - 23/12/2017
Computer Science Lesson 12 December 2017
Questions and questions related to the lesson of Computer Science imparted to the students of the School of Specialization "Technology and Pathology of Avian Species, Rabbit and Game" of the DETO Department at the University of Bari, Aldo Moro, University of Bari.
Published by Amministrator - 20/12/2017


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